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What do I do if someone deliberately copied my manips using all the same stocks I have used for my manips and they practically look almost the same :| and it's not just me :( 

39 deviants said report them
19 deviants said ask them to take the works
13 deviants said tell the other artists this "artist" copied and plan to take her down somehow
5 deviants said anything else you can think of...please post what
4 deviants said keep my mouth shut and be flattered I "inspired" them
3 deviants said use the ignore list in my settings

Devious Comments

sadsweetlullaby24 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2007
on your main page..
put the two side by side... maybe people would see this

but first you should probably talk to them about it, because they might not have deliberately done it.. well, unless it's like more than 3... than I guess there's no talking required!!

On another site, some girl took my work and put songs over it... then put a copyright on it... I confronted her a long with a few other people and she deleted her account.
Rachzee Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Report them. Also, you may try banning them from your page. I'm not sure how that works exactly, if it applies when they're not logged in or not.
Nonetheless, it's frustrating, I know. Hang in there! :hug:
blackriderrom Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Report the idiots.
apsolut Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
:D hm...

If someone copz u..without permision...
u r better then he/she....
....u can report...but first talk... ÍS!

Bemol5 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2007
If this this person didn't respond to your warning, you must report him or her!!
thequietdream Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
Vorbeste cu ei/ele, daca au facut-o ca exercitiu atunci ar trebuie ca macar sa mentioneze lucrarea ta originala (si eventual sa ceara pareri comparate, nu de alta dar daca e exercitiu si vor sa invete atunci acest lucru le-ar fi de un real folos. Eventul ai putea sa le oferi indicatii care sa-si creeze propriile lucrari originale).

Un jurnal cu copii adunate si mentiunile de rigoare ar fi urmatoarea optiuni, macar fanii tai vor sti sa faca diferenta. Ai putea sa incerci sa-ti postezi lucrarile cu licente Creative Commons mai restrictive atasate, care sa interzica copierea si atunci daca respectivii insista si se leaga de lucrari protejate, ar putea fi cel putin dati afara de pe dA.

Optiuni sunt mai multe si stiu ca e chiar dureros cand lumea reproduce lucrari ale tale care in mod sigur au in primul rand o valoare emotionala. Dar fanii sunt alaturi de tine si in final, raul facut se intoarce impotriva faptasului.
FrozenStarRo Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
am incercat sa vorbesc cu ea... i-am trimis un note si i-am explicat frumos ca asemanarea e prea batatoare la ochi... nu-s absurda in halul ala incat sa nu inteleg ca i-a placut mult si a vrut sa faca ceva asemanator... dar putea pune in link in notes "inspired by ... ". nici n-a avut obrazul sa-mi raspunda la note. cand eu incercam sa-i fac un bine si sa rezolvam totul omeneste fara scandal :/ mai mult ca "raspuns" sa zic asa a scos comments de la lucrarile respective... am pus si in jurnal lucrarile mele si ale ei ca o comparatie si s-au gasit unii sa-mi sara in cap :/ asa ca l-am sters ca aveam si-asa destule probleme cu respectiva ca sa-mi fac si cu altii... report a primit de la multi... cred ca ultimul lucru care imi ramane e sa ma adresez help desk-ului
mersi pt. sfaturi oricum :hug:
Driven-Crazy Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2007
Unfortunately, this apparently has been happening a lot, and it's easily done and apparently easy to get away with. Since it's not technically the same work, you probably won't be able to find any help getting it removed. Fortunately, people here on dA are smart and will be able to tell the works this person is producing are blatantly copied from yours. I would hope they wouldn't give this person the attention by favoriting the copied pieces and adding to the person's page view count.

I'm sorry you're going through this. You're an amazing person, and I hate to see you hurt in this way. Try to take some comfort in knowing there are a lot of people here who support you and respect your art.
FrozenStarRo Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
you're right about the pageviews I made her pretty popular... her pageview went up a lot the last 2 days :/
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