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March 15, 2008
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iPhone_iPod Touch WP 4 Misc by FrozenStarRo iPhone_iPod Touch WP 4 Misc by FrozenStarRo
Sorry it says 5 on the preview. Typo and the file was already merged and saved

Remember how I promised I had a surprise for you guys? Well while waiting to save all the money needed to buy an iPhone I put together a set of wallpapers for it of my art

Each of them comes in a 320x480 resolution. 8 files. All shown in the preview. Just hit download for the archive

Work on both iPhone and iPod Touch


Thanks to `manicho for the iPhone PSD used in the preview. It shows you how the artwork should look on yours.

For stock credits of the stocks used visit the original deviations.
A rose in the wind [link]
Tokyo [link]
Hong Kong [link]
Anthem of our dying day [link]
Music is life [link]
Disillusion [link]
Careless [link]
and the one in the preview surprise! work that hasn't been posted.